Occupation - Work title - SSB classification
Value Type: 
00 Unspecific or unidentified occupations
11 Legislators, senior officials and managers
22 Academia
33 Occupation w/shorter education from college/university/Tech. School
44 Office/service occupation
55 Sales/service/care occupation
66 Occupations in farming, forestry, fisheries
77 Trade/craft occupation
88 Machine operators/transport worker
99 Occupation that does not require education
1111 Legislators and senior officials in public administration and interest organisations
1212 Managers of large and medium-sized enterprises and the public administration, etc..
1313 Managers of small enterprises
2121 Occupation within field of physical, mathematical science and engineering etc.
2222 Occupation within the field of biological and medical professions etc.
2323 Teaching occupations that require at least four years of university or college education
2424 Higher officials in public administration
2525 Other academic professionals
3131 Engineers, technicians etc.
3232 Life science and healthcare that require 1-3 years of college education
3333 Teaching occupations that require 1-3 years of college education
3434 Lower officers in administration and trade and occupation within social work, entertainment etc.
4141 Office clerks
4242 Customer service occupations
5151 Occupations in personal service and safety
5252 Trade- and model occupations, etc..
6161 Agricultural workers
6262 Forestry workers
6363 Occupations in the farming of fish and the like
6464 Occupations within fishing and hunting
7171 Rock engineering, building and construction workers
7272 Occupations within the field of metal-, machinery and elictricity
7373 Precision workers, craftsmen, graphical occupations
7474 Other craftsmen and skilled workers
8181 Process operators etc.
8282 Machine Operators
8383 Transport Workers and operators of mobile machinery, etc.
9191 Labourers in services
9292 Labourers in agriculture, forestry and fisheries
9393 Labourers in building, construction and industry
1110111 Private (military)
1120112 Officers In
1130113 Officer II
114114 Managers in interest groups
121121 CEOs
122122 Production Executives
123123 Special Directors
131131 Managers of small enterprises
211211 Physicists, chemists and similar occupations
212212 Mathematicians, statisticians and similar occupations
213213 System Developers and Programmers
214214 Architects, engineers and similar professions
221221 Biological occupations etc.
222222 Medical professions
223223 Trained nurses and midwifes
231231 university and college lecturers / teachers
232232 professors and lecturers in high school
234234 Special Educators / special educationist
235235 Other educational occupations requiring at least four years of university or college education
241241 Occupations in economics, social science, legal, technical, scientific, etc.. Planning and Reporting
251251 Accounting, HR and consulting careers
252252 Legal professions
253253 Conservators, university librarians and the like
254254 social science, humanities and financial occupations
255255 Authors, writers, creative and performing artists
256256 Clerical occupations
311311 Engineers and Technicians
312312 Computer Engineers and Technicians
313313 Operators of optical and electronic sound and visual equipment
314314 Ship engineer, officers, deck officers, pilots, air traffic controllers, etc.
315315 Fire and safety inspectors
321321 Biological Technicians etc.
322322 associate professionals in medicine and the like (Except nurses and social educators)
323323 Nurses and social educators
331331 Elementary Teachers
332332 Preschool Teachers
334334 Vocational Teachers, lecturers and other careers in teaching and educational work
341341 Officials in financial services and sales
342342 Business Brokers, intermediaries etc.
343343 Officials in Business Administration
344344 Lower officers in public administration
345345 Police Officers
346346 Social workers, child welfare workers and the like
347347 workers within design, entertainment and sport
348348 Religious occupations
349349 Information workers, journalists, librarians, etc..
411411 Secretaries and keyboard operators and the like
412412 Economy Employees and other mathematical figures processors
413413 Material-recording, storage and transport clerks
414414 Library, mail workers and the like
421421 Ticket sellers, cashiers, Service Team and the like
422422 travel agents, receptions, switchboard staff etc.
511511 client managers on board transport vehicles
512512 household and restaurant staff and the like
513513 Nursing and caring staff
514514 Other occupations in personal service
516516 Rescue and security professions
521521 Mannequins and other models
522522 shop employees, vendors, etc..
611611 Grain, vegetable, fruit and berry producers and horticultural workers
612612 livestock, eggs and dairy producers and the like
613613 Crop and animal producers (combined use)
621621 Forest workers and the like
631631 fishery occupation and the like
641641 Fishermen and hunters
711711 Rock engineering, rock carving and the like
712712 Construction workers
713713 Building Technical workers
714714 Painters, surface treatment workers, buliding cleaners etc.
721721 Cast/mould makers, welders, sheet metal workers and the like
722722 blacksmith, gunsmiths, locksmiths and the like
723723 Mechanics
724724 Electricians, elektro technicians and the like
731731 Precision workers in metal, etc..
732732 Ceramists, glass artisans and the like
733733 Arts and Crafts in wood, textile, leather and the like
734734 Printmakers (prepress), photographers and the like
735735 Technical illustrators
741741 butchers, bakers, careers in food production etc.
742742 Carpenter, workers who treat wood and the like
743743 artisans within textile, clothing etc..
744744 Craftsmen in fur, leather etc..
745745 Laboratory technician
811811 operators within the oil and gas extraction, mining, etc.
812812 Operators within steel and other metals
813813 Operators within ceramics and glass production
814814 operators within lumber and wood processing production
815815 Operators within the production of refined petroleum products and other chemical processing
816816 Operators of power plants and installations for the incineration, water treatment, etc.
821821 Operators in the production of metal products, concrete products, etc..
822822 Operators in chemical-technical production
825825 operators within graphical industry, paper and carton industry
826826 operators wihin the textile, fur and leather production
827827 Operators in food production
828828 Operators and assemblers in manufacturing of vehicles and electronic equipment
831831 locomotive drivers and the like
832832 Engine and tram drivers
833833 Operators of mobile machines and the like
834834 Deck and engine crew (ship)
912912 workers within incidetal jobs for individuals and households
913913 Cleaning and other household occupations in businesses and private households
914914 workers cleaning of buildings, vehicles, etc.
915915 Delivery man, doormen and the like
916916 Sanitation workers and the like
921921 Labourers in agriculture, forestry and fishing
931931 Labourers in building, construction, maintenance, etc.
932932 Labourers in manufacturing/industry
933933 Labourers in warehousing and freight handling
11101110 Politicians
11201120 Top Managers in Public Administration
11411141 Leaders in party political organizations
11421142 Leaders in employee-/employee organisations and economic interest groups
11431143 Leaders in humanitarian organizations and other interest groups
12101210 CEOs
12201220 Production managers in non-specified industry
12211221 Production managers in agriculture, forestry and fishing
12221222 Production and operations department managers in the oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, electricity, gas and water supply
12231223 Production managers in building and construction
12241224 Production and operations department managers in retail trade, hotels and restaurants etc..
12251225 Production and operations department managers in transport and communications
12261226 Production managers in financial services, real estate, etc.
12271227 Production managers in public administration
12281228 Production and operations department managers in education, health and social services
12291229 Production managers in other social and personal services
12311231 Finance, Accounting and Management Directors
12321232 Personnel Directors
12331233 Sales Directors
12341234 Advertising and Information Directors
12351235 Supply and distribution managers
12361236 IT directors
12371237 Research Directors
12391239 Other special directors
13101310 Leaders in non-specified industry
13111311 General managers in agriculture, forestry and fishing
13121312 Managers in mining, manufacturing, electricity, gas and water supply
13131313 Leaders in the building and construction
13141314 General managers in wholesale and retail trade.
13151315 Leaders in the hotel and restaurant business
13161316 General managers in transport and communication
13171317 Leaders in the financial services, property, etc.
13181318 Leaders in sanitation, personal service and work for private households
13191319 Other leaders
21112111 Physicists and astronomers
21122112 Meteorologists
21132113 Chemists
21142114 Geologists and geophysicists
21212121 Mathematicians and similar occupations
21222122 Statisticians
21302130 Computer systems designers and programmers
21412141 Architects, town and traffic planners
21422142 Civil Engineers (construction)
21432143 Civil Engineers (Electrical Engineering)
21442144 Civil Engineers (Electronics and Telecommunications)
21452145 Civil Engineers (mechanical and marine engineering)
21462146 Civil Engineers (chemistry)
21472147 Civil Engineers (geosciences, petroleum engineering, metallurgy, etc.)
21482148 Land Surveyors, land consolidation candidates and the like
21492149 Other engineers and similar professions
22112211 Biologists, botanists, zoologists and similar occupations
22122212 Sivil agronomist and similar occupations
22212221 Physicians
22222222 Dentists
22232223 Vets
22242224 Pharmacists
22252225 Nutritionists
22302230 Nursing and midwifery
23102310 university and college lecturers / teachers
23202320 Lecturers and teacher in high school
23402340 Special Educators / special education
23512351 Specialists in educational methodology
23522352 School Inspectors and the like
23592359 Other teachers with at least 4 years of university or college education
24112411 Economic and social planning and evaluation
24122412 Legal Planning and Reporting
24132413 Technical and scientific planning and assessment
24192419 Other careers in public Administering
25112511 Certified public accountant
25122512 Personnel and careers professionals
25192519 Market analysts and other business professionals
25212521 Lawyers
25222522 Court Solicitors
25232523 solicitors in law enforcement
25312531 Archivists and conservators
25322532 University Librarians
25412541 Economist with Master of business and economics
25422542 Sociologists, anthropologists, human geographers and political scientists
25432543 Historians, archaeologists and philosophers
25442544 Linguists, translators and interpreters
25452545 Psychologists
25512551 Authors and other writers
25522552 Sculptors, painters and other visual artists
25532553 Conductors, composers, musicians and singers
25542554 Choreographers and dancers
25552555 Actors and directors
25602560 Clerical occupations
31113111 Civil Engineers and Technicians
31123112 Electrical Engineers and Technicians
31133113 Electronics and telecommunications engineering technicians
31143114 Mechanical Engineers and Technicians
31153115 Chemical Engineers and Technicians
31163116 Engineers and technicians in the petroleum, mining and metallurgy
31193119 Other engineers and technicians
31203120 Computer Engineers and Technicians
31313131 Film Photographers and recording technicians
31323132 Operators of broadcast and telecommunications equipment
31393139 Other operators of optical and electronic equipment
31413141 Ship Machinists
31423142 deck officers and pilots (in boats)
31433143 Pilots
31443144 Air traffic controllers and the like
31513151 Fire Inspectors
31523152 Safety Inspectors
32113211 biomedical engineers and technicians
32123212 Agro technician
32133213 Forest Engineers, forestry consultants and the like
32213221 radiographers and audiologists
32223222 Health and safety inspectors
32233223 Nutrition Consultants
32243224 Optometrists
32253225 Dental hygienists
32263226 Physical therapists, occupational therapists, and the like
32273227 Animal Caregivers
32283228 Pharmacy technician
32293229 Natural Therapists
32313231 Nurses
32323232 Social educators
33103310 Primary Teachers
33203320 Preschool Teachers
33413341 Vocational Educators and teachers in secondary schools
33493349 Other careers in teaching and educational work
34113411 Finance Brokers
34123412 Insurance Consultants
34133413 Real estate agents and managers
34143414 Travel Consultants
34153415 Technical and commercial sales representatives
34163416 Buyers
34173417 Appraisers, valuation surveyors and auctioneers
34183418 Client managers (banking)
34193419 Marketing and advertising
34213421 Commercial and ship brokers
34223422 Forwarding agent and charterers
34233423 Client- and HR-Consultants (employment agency)
34293429 Other Business Brokers
34313431 Officials in administration
34323432 Auditors (not Certified) and accountants
34333433 housekeeper
34413441 Customs Officials
34423442 Lower executive officers at the Tax Office
34433443 Lower executive officers at the Social Security Office
34443444 Lower executive officers at the employment office
34493449 Other lesser officials in public administration
34503450 Police Officers
34603460 Social workers, child welfare workers and the like
34713471 Decorators, designers and advertising illustrators
34723472 singers and musicians in the entertainment industry
34733473 Clowns, magicians, acrobats and the like
34743474 Inspector etc.
34753475 Athletes and coaches
34803480 Religious occupations
34913491 Information workers and journalists
34923492 Program Assistants and Program staff
34933493 Librarians
41114111 stenographer, meeting recorder and the like
41124112 data registrar (punch operators)
41134113 Secretaries
41144114 Clerical Staff
41214121 Economy Employees and audit assistants
41294129 Other processors of numerical figures
41314131 Storage worker and stock clerks
41324132 logisticians
41334133 Transportation Officials
41414141 Library and Archives staff
41424142 Mail carriers and sorters
42114211 Ticket collectors and ticket sellers
42124212 Post and bank cashier
42134213 Bingo hosts and the like
42144214 Pawnbroker
42154215 Debt collection worker
42214221 Travel agent workers and the like
42224222 Receptionists and information clerks
42234223 Switchboard Operators
51115111 hosts / hostesses on planes, ships and trains
51125112 Conductors and ticket collectors/sellers (on board vehicles)
51135113 Travel guides
51215121 Recident hall managers and the like
51225122 Cooks
51235123 Head waiters, waiters and bartenders
51315131 Child-care and youth workers and the like
51325132 care workers and enrolled nurses
51335133 Home carer / domiciliary carer
51345134 Dental secretary
51355135 Medical secretary
51365136 Childminders, child carers and the like
51375137 Pharmacy Technicians
51395139 Other nursing and care staff
51415141 Hairdressers, barbers, beauticians and the like
51425142 Funeral and crematorium workers
51435143 Diet hosts, tanning salon hosts the like
51495149 Other occupations in personal service
51615161 Firemen the like
51625162 Prison Officers
51635163 Janitors and the like
51645164 Security guards and the like
51695169 Other security personnel
52105210 Mannequins and other models
52215221 Retail workers and the like
52225222 florists
52235223 Door and telemarketers
52245224 Salesperson (wholesale)
52255225 Interviewers
61116111 Grain, vegetable, fruit and berry producers
61126112 Gardeners
61216121 Dairy and livestock producers
61226122 Egg and poultry producers
61296129 Other animal breeders and animal technicians
61306130 Crop and livestock producers (combined use)
62106210 Forest workers and the like
63106310 Fishery workers and the like
64116411 Fishermen
64126412 Hunters
71107110 Rock engineers, stone masons and the like
71217121 Bricklayers etc.
71227122 Concrete and ground workers (construction)
71237123 iron fixers
71247124 Formwork Carpenters
71257125 Carpenters
71267126 Road and construction workers
71277127 Tunnelling and rock/mountain workers, blasting occupations
71287128 Scaffold Builders
71297129 Landscape Gardeners
71317131 Roofing workers
71327132 Insulators and enclosing occupations
71337133 Glass Workers
71347134 Plumbers and HVAC installers
71417141 Painters and decorators
71427142 Surface treatment and refinishers
71437143 Sand blowers and the like
71447144 Sweepers
72117211 Founders
72127212 Welders
72137213 Copper and tinsmiths
72147214 sheet-metal workers
72157215 Riggers and splicers
72167216 Divers
72177217 Car damage repairman
72217221 Blacksmith
72227222 gunsmiths, locksmiths and the like
72317231 Car mechanics
72327232 mechanics within aeronautical sciences
72337233 Agriculture and construction machinery mechanics
72347234 Motor Mechanics
72357235 Automatic control Mechanics
72367236 precision mechanics
72377237 Industrial mechanics
72417241 Electricians, electronic engineer the like
72427242 Service and telecommunications installers
72437243 Automation, board assemblers, Winding and transformer mounting fitters
72447244 Energy Installers
73117311 instrument makers and repairers
73127312 Musical instrument makers and tuners
73137313 Gold and silversmiths, engravers, and the like
73217321 Ceramists and potters
73227322 Glass maker
73317331 Arts and Crafts in wood, and the like
73327332 Arts and Crafts in textile, leather and the like
73417341 Printmakers (prepress) and the like
73427342 Photographers
73507350 Technical illustrators
74117411 Butchers, fishmongers and the like
74127412 Bakers and confectioners
74137413 People who sample test food and drink and do quality estimations
74197419 Other artisans in food production
74217421 Carpenters
74227422 Wooden Boat Builders
74237423 Basketmaker the like
74317431 weavers, knitters and the like (In handicraft production)
74327432 Tailor, Dressmaker, modes scraps etc.
74337433 Furrier
74347434 Pattern cutter industry worker
74357435 Wigmaker
74367436 Furniture upholsterer and the like
74417441 Hide processor and tanners
74427442 Shoemaker
74437443 Taxidermist
74507450 Laboratory technician
81118111 Mining Skilled worker
81128112 Process Operators (preparation)
81138113 operators within the oil and gas extraction
81148114 Well Service Operators (oil and gas)
81218121 operators metallurgical processing
81228122 Metal Moulder
81318131 Ceramic processors and decorators
81328132 operatorswithin glass production
81398139 Other operators within glass and ceramics production
81418141 operators in the production and processing of timber products
81428142 Operators in the wood processing industry
81438143 operators within filings and fiber board production
81518151 Operators of oil and natural gas refining plant
81598159 operators of other chemical processing
81618161 Energy Operators
81628162 Operators of incineration, refrigeration and water treatment plants, etc..
82118211 Operators in metal goods production
82128212 Toolmaker the like
82138213 Machinist
82148214 Operators in the production of concrete products etc..
82218221 Operators in the production of hygienic and pharmaceutical products
82228222 operators of ammunition and explosives manufacturing
82238223 operators of rubber production
82248224 operators of Plastics and plastic production
82258225 Operators within paint and varnish manufacturing
82298229 operators of other chemical-technical production
82518251 Graphic printers
82528252 bookbinder
82538253 operators within cartonnage
82548254 Photo laboratory technician
82618261 Spinning and balling machine operators
82628262 Weaving and crochet / knitting machine operators and the like
82638263 Industrial sewers
82648264 Textile operators within fishing tools
82658265 Cutters
82668266 operators within dyeing, washing, cleaning, etc.. Of textile and the like
82678267 Operators within the production of shoes, bags, etc..
82698269 Other operators within the textile industry, etc.
82718271 Processors of fish and fish products
82728272 operators within processing of meat and meat products
82738273 Operators of machinery for manufacture of dairy products
82748274 Operators of mills for grains and spices
82758275 Operators of machinery for the production and processing of pastries, cereals and chocolate products
82768276 Operators of machines for processing of fruits, vegetables and nuts
82778277 brewers and machine operators in manufacturing of mineral water, beer and other beverages
82798279 operators within other nutritional production
82818281 Installers within manufacturing of transport equipment
82828282 Operators and assemblers in manufacturing of electronic equipment
83118311 Locomotive Drivers and locomotive inspectors
83128312 Change-over conductor
83218321 Car, taxi and goods vehicle drivers
83228322 Bus and tram drivers
83238323 Truck and lorry drivers
83318331 Construction machine operators
83328332 Crane and elevator operators and the like
83338333 Truck Drivers
83418341 Deck Crew (ship)
83428342 Machine Crew (ship)
91209120 Odd jobs for individuals and households
91319131 Cleaners-/domestic work personelle in private households
91329132 Cleaners in companies and the like
91339133 Kitchen and pantry assistants
91419141 Window cleaners
91429142 Car preparers
91519151 Delivery man and the like
91529152 Guards and Bouncers
91539153 Meterman and the like
91609160 Sanitation Workers and the like
92109210 Labourers in agriculture, forestry and fishing
93109310 Labourers in building, construction, maintenance, etc.
93209320 Labourers in manufacturing / industry
93309330 Labourers in warehousing and freight handling
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Working status