National FINRISK Study, The (FINRISK)

The National FINRISK Study consists of large population surveys on risk factors of chronic, non-communicable diseases. The surveys have been carried out since 1972 every five years using independent, random and representative population samples from different parts of Finland. DNA samples were collected from most of the participants since 1992.

Data from the FINRISK surveys are used for many different research projects and for national health monitoring needs. The recent research activities deal, in addition to cardiovascular diseases and their classical risk factors, also with e.g. asthma and allergy, alcohol, socioeconomic factors and genetic epidemiology. The FINRISK Study is a part of the MORGAM Project (MOnica Risk, Genetics, Archiving and Monograph), sponsored by the EU. 

General Information

General Design

Study design: 
Cohort study
General Information on Follow Up (profile and frequency): 

The FINRISK cohorts have been followed up by linking them to the national hospital discharge register, causes-of-death register, cancer register, and Drug reimbursement register of the National Social Insurance Institution (KELA). Endpoint follow-up is carried out once a year.

Recruitment target: 
Target number of participants: 
38 700
Target number of participants with biological samples: 
35 500
Supplementary information about target number of participants: 

The FINRISK study collected the following biospecimens at baseline: 

  • Plasma: 21 000 participants
  • Serum: 21 000 participants
  • DNA: 35 500 participants



Access to external researchers or third parties provided or foreseen for
Data (questionnaire-derived, measured...): 
Biological samples: 

Marker Paper

Marker paper: 
Thirty-five-year trends in cardiovascular risk factors in Finland. Vartiainen E et al. Int J Epidemiol 2010.
Pubmed ID: 

Supplementary Information

Endpoints (N incident cases)

Head and Neck (C00-C14; C31, C32) = 91
Esophagus (C15) = 23
Stomach (C16) = 64
Colorectal (C18-21) = 221
Liver (C22) = 43
Gallbladder (C23-24) = 23
Pancreas (C25) = 76
Lung (C33-34) = 196
Breast (C50) = 546
Cervix (C53) = 25
Corpus uteri (C54) = 87
Ovary (C56-57) = 88
Prostate (C61) = 305
Total cancers (C00-C97) excluding non-melanoma skin cancer: see MORGAM cohort network

Cardiovascular endpoints
Acute coronary events = see MORGAM cohort network
Stroke =  see MORGAM cohort network

Other endpoints
Type II diabetes (E11) = see MORGAM cohort network

A detailed list of endpoint incident cases can be downloaded from the Documents section. 


Supplementary information about access

Eligibility restrictions: Researchers from the private sector (e.g., private institutions such as industrial or commercial businesses) are not eligible. 

FINRISK review procedure:

  • Scientific merit of proposed study (clarity, novelty and scientific excellence);  
  • Ethical requirements; 
  • Qualifications of applicant;  
  • Applicant’s privacy and confidentiality policy and security measures; 
  • Compatibility of proposed study with the cohort’s/biobank’s objectives;  
  • Overlapping initiatives between proposed study and studies already approved;
  • Adequacy of applicant’s resources to carry out the proposed project; 
  • Quantity of samples requested;
  • Impact on future uses of data and samples; 
  • Impact on biobank as a resource (potential to enrich biobank)

Conditions under which access can be foreseen:

  • Cooperation
  • Co-authorship
  • Intellectual property of findings from resources of the individual biobank /study
  • Return data to the individual biobank / study in order to increase the scientific value of samples
  • Return results to the individual biobank / study to enable feedback to participants (aggregate or individual)
  • Patent sharing



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