MoBA population

The Norwegian population of pregnant women, their children and their partners form the target population. The actual sampling frame consists of pregnant women who attended the routine ultrasound appointment around week 17-20 of pregnancy in participating Norwegian hospitals. Only facilities with more than 100 births per year were targeted. The final sample consisted of women and their partners who gave a written consent to participate (about 40% response). Fathers were included from 2000.

Selection criteria: 
Supplementary information:

Pregnant women and the father of the unborn child, the child after birth.

Sources of recruitment: 
General population:
Volunteer enrolment
Number of participants: 
284 000 participants
Supplementary information about number of participants: 
  • Pregnant mothers at week 17: 100 000 women
  • Mothers after delivery: 87 000 women
  • Umbilical cord blood: 93 000 children
  • Fathers: 73 000 men
Data Collection Events:
Baseline (MoBA)

The main source for variables is the self...

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