LifeLines population

The study population consists of a representative sample of the population of the northern provinces of the Netherlands, covering three generations. The LifeLines project includes more than 165.000 participants. It was aimed for to include approximately 45.000 probands, 30.000 partners, 55.000 parents-(in law) and 35.000 children. LifeLines is currently working out all family ties. Based on the age of the participant, he or she is included in the children’s cohort (0-18 years), the adult cohort (18-65 years) or the elderly cohort (>65 years).

Selection criteria: 

Three Northern provinces: Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe

Health status:
Severe psychiatric or physical illness are excluded
Sources of recruitment: 
General population:
Volunteer enrolment
Number of participants: 
165 000 participants
Number of participants with biological samples: 
165 000 participants
Supplementary information about number of participants: 

More than 165000 participants are included in the LifeLines cohort

Data Collection Events:
Preparation phase/pilot2004 (January)2006 (December)
Baseline visit

Baseline visit of participants.

2007 (January)2013 (December)
Follow-up questionnaire 1

Follow-up of participant at 1.5 years after Baseline visit. 

2010 (January)2014 (December)
Follow-up questionnaire 2

Follow-up of participants at 3 years after Baseline visit.

2012 (January)2015 (December)
Follow-up questionnaire 3

Follow-up of participants at 5 years after Baseline visit.

2014 (January)2017 (December)
Follow-up visit 1

Follow-up visit of participants at approx. 5 years after Baseline visit.

2014 (January)2017 (December)