How to apply, step by step

A. Consult the Access catalogue

Participating cohort studies

In order to evaluate which cohorts may be relevant for your research proposal, browse through the cohort studies where information on study participant numbers, available samples, as well detailed exposure information and number of incident cases are available.

Exposure Variables

Go to Resources > Variable search to identify exposure variables that are relevant for your research. Here you can search among thousands of exposure variables from the participating cohort studies.

B. Request an account

While all visitors can browse through the BBMRI-LPC Access website and its catalogue, a login is requested to submit a research proposal. Click on Sign In to request an account. Accounts will be activated within one working day after the request is submitted.

C. Complete the online access request form

Once your account has been created, go to Data Access > Submit Research Proposal and fill out the required fields. You can save your proposal by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the page. You can resume working on your proposal at a later stage. To do so, go to My Data Access Requests, and click on Edit.

Note: A proposal can be edited until the call deadline. The day after the deadline, the proposal status will show as Submitted and edits will no longer be possible.

Word limit

All text fields are limited to 300 words, except the following:

  • Overarching aim and specific objectives: 500 words
  • Significance: 1200 words
  • Scientific excellence / Approach: 1200 words


Files can be attached to the research proposal. If your research proposal includes figures, you may wish to submit a proposal using a Word template, which can be downloaded here. A researcher can use the Word template to submit the following parts from the Research Proposal section:

- Overarching aim and specific objectives
- Prospective and pan-European study design
- Significance
- Scientific excellence / Approach
- Innovation

Additional information about investigator, institution, biosample/data, variables and type of analysis must be filled out using the online form. Please contact the helpdesk if you experience any difficulty.
Authorized file types: .pdf, .jpg, .doc, .docx, .odt.
Authorized file size: 2 MB maximum.

Proposal overview section

Please complete each field, or upload your proposal overview using the Proposal overview Word template.


PI CV: please upload the Principal Investigator's biosketch including: personal statement, positions and honours, top 10 peer-reviewed publications, and current research support. The CV should not exceed 4 pages. A template can be downloaded here: PI CV Word template.
In the Investigators and Research Environment field, please provide details on the PI's and collaborator's background, and scientific track record that proves their ability to conduct the proposed research on an internationally competitive level. Early investigators or research teams from low-resource settings will be additionally considered provided that the proposed research is sound and well designed.
In the Funding available field, please describe funding that is available, or is being sought, to carry out the proposed research, if access is funded through the BBMRI-LPC call.

Specific biosample(s) of interest

Please make sure to precisely complete this section with the type and number of requested biosamples. Provide an estimate of the total number of samples requested from all cohorts combined. If your access request concerns data only, please specify this in the Other biosample information field.

Domains of interest for which exposure variables are required

Please check the boxes as needed.

You can check or uncheck all boxes using the matching buttons for each type of variable. Alternatively, you can use the search field (‘filter’) to retrieve the variables of interest. When your selection is complete, click on the X-sign on the right () to close the window.

If your proposed research is dependent on a specific exposure variable, please indicate this in the free text box underneath.



Type of analysis

Please specify in this section whether your research proposal plans to include genotyping or metabolomics analyses. Include in your proposal the number of biosamples for which genotyping or metabolomics is requested.

D. Save your research proposal before the call deadline

Research proposals will be accepted until the end of the day midnight of the announced date. If you encounter any difficulty with the submission process, we encourage you to contact the helpdesk at bbmrilpc-call-helpdesk(a) in the early stage of your application.


Results will be announced individually to all applicants within three months of the closing date of the scientific call.